What’s the Point?

I come on here, last year, in hopes of writing regularly and what happens? I don’t write. I am not sure why I have issues with committing to just sitting down, taking a few moments, and letting them all go for strangers to read, ponder, and possibly relate. Either way, I don’t really know where I’m going with this blog and I think that’s why it sits…neglected.

I could go in so many directions, and I am still a soul who lives for the stars. So, what’s the point? How can this method of release work for me? How can I make this platform beneficial and useful?

This is definitely something I will meditate on… I do want to come here more often.


Morning Pages.

Starting November 1, I will be writing 3 pages every morning with Susan from Inner Creative Voice for 21 days. Click here to find out more, and join in! It’s free, and will definitely be useful for shadow work and just releasing everything that’s on your mind without judgment. After I write my 3 pages I will either type them out word-for-word or just summarize the overwhelming emotion/lesson I’ve come to accept from my vomiting my words onto paper on here.

I seem to come and go from my blogging. And that’s okay. I just happened to login today, and saw that I had new followers. Welcome! Sorry to be a disappointment, but when I do post I hope it may inspire or even just distract you momentarily from the mundane and possibly bring a small smile to your face. 🙂



I am hugely disappointed in the world as of late with all of the violence and hatred. What’s going on? And more importantly, why?

Today, I did a spread that I found through my Circle (find out more about it here). And my world kind of caved in…or not, but it definitely made me laugh and think HOLY SH&%! So, I wanted to scribble my thoughts about it.

Summary of my spread:

I have a huge heart, open and ready to receive, but fear is limiting me. The Seeker is my strength, my structure of being, and The Star is who I will become, who I am becoming once I release what’s no longer serving me as I am someone who spins a tale to tell, whether in a group or alone, and I have what it takes to survive, but what’s discouraging me from making a difference in the world?


After I walked away, returned, and read it over, and then wrote out my reading… two words popped out at me:

Embody the Seeker

Becoming the Star

Seeker. Star.


I’m speechless.



I began an adventure six days ago ~ Setting Intention by Susan Loughrin. It lasts for 21 days, and during these 21 days we honor our higher creative self by prioritizing each week. I have felt more organized than I have in quite some time and we are only a week in! I don’t feel the usual overwhelming emotions I had felt prior. So much to do, and so little time to do it all!

It’s quite the opposite- I feel peace and acceptance. I don’t berate myself when I become busy by the day’s chores. The day miraculously creates chores, I promise you! I accept that when I eventually find the time I will honor what needs to be done then, and still feel the accomplishment of having completed my priority(ies) for the day. Twice in these past six days I have not honored my ritual in a timely fashion (it’s part of the process) and when I would have thrown in the towel, I remained committed and passionate to what I wanted to do. That’s the difference. It’s about what you want to do; not what someone else wants you to do. And Susan is there, honoring the commitment you’ve decided to make for you!

It’s a beautiful experience, and I find that I’ve adapted quite easily. It is definitely utilizing masculine qualities, however, I insist on remaining loyal to my feminine side! Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. I will post an update on my progress as I journey through this course.

To find out more about Susan and Inner Creative Voice plus the workshops she offers, click here!

Seek Balance.

It’s been too long since I’ve decided to sit here and just type without much pretense other than I am now so spiritually-involved in life that I want to blog about it. This journey has been a couple of years in the making, and is still a work in progress definitely. I have been up and down, and all around… and I’ve crash landed in France. Yes, I’ve been living here for a little over a year, and am now just diving deep into Goddess and Her lessons. I have pondered writing about my experience… and here I am! Greetings, welcome!

I am seeking sisterhood, community, and fellow Goddess lovers. I am a Starseeker and this is my journey. I believe I will one day return to the stars enfolded in Goddess Nut’s loving embrace to tell her my tales. I am not a certified Priestess nor am I a woman with years of experience teaching and leading other women, but I am hopeful to find a connection with you.

I’m awakening, if not already awakened. I want to share my stories with you, so please come along…